Be in connection with your body

An intuitive tantra massage-encounter with warm oil is a holistic tantra massage that awakens the entire body with alternated energetic touches and cherishes. This loving tantra massage with dedicated attention invites you to get in touch with your body. To get in touch with what you feel and what you experience. Being in contact with our body, being present with what we feel and experience increases the body awareness. This reduces the grip of thinking and thoughtprocesses.


What is the effect of this massage?

Loving presence and respectful foundation help you to know you are in a safe place, so that during this tantra massage you can let go and create space to create a deep relaxation.


Open, relaxed presence invites to feel and experience the healing energetic flow of life-energy (sexual energy). Also that what it awakens in you and possibly moves you. During this tantra massage you can let yourself by carries by the free flowing of energy. Respectful to what unfolds in it, without (the tendency to) grab or push away something. Experience your vitality, strength and potential in all its intensity and fullness.

  • Works relaxing and promotes enjoyment
  • Gives energy, makes livelier and more vital
  • Brings (sexual) healing
  • Increases body awareness
  • Takes you from thinking to feeling
  • Gives more presence in here and now
  • Promotes surrendering to what is
  • Works transformational
  • Brings an authentic state of being

In combination with a Sacred Point massage

You receive these massage sessions in a relaxed, casual atmosphere in a beautiful setting. The intuitive tantra massage is given on a comfortable, soft, futon. After the session, you have enough time for a period of afterglow to cherish and integrate this intense experience.



massage – 2 hour: € 220,- 


* All prices are including VAT.

* We have a shower available.

Safe atmosphere with respect and trust

Of course, I create a safe atmosphere in which respect, trust and acceptance come together. In this you can feel secure, whilst your relax. You can embrace yourself from trust and surrender to what is. There is always enough time and space for additional integration by being in silence, or if desired in the form of a sharing/evaluation.


Experiencing a deeper energetic connection is central, rather than an erotic experience.

Feeling is healing.