Meditation in motion

The breath is a constant guide, a powerful tool to be with our attention in here and now. At any moment, we can focus our attention as an anchor to connect us to here and now.


The breath as a bridge to liberation

Circle of breath® is a highly transforming breathing meditation in which breathing and alertness serve as a vehicle for inner freedom. Circular breathing goes beyond thinking, it helps old programs from the unconscious to become visible. These can be feelings of unrest, emotions and thoughts in the form of memories. During a Circle or breath® session we give space to, and allow, what wants to be seen.


All that still impedes us on an unconscious level to be present and free and to act from here and now. The breath current lberates itself and brings you more in touch with your life energy; more space is created in consciousness.


The fee for these Circle or breath® sessions is € 80, –