Yonimassage/healing – a healing trip to the female source of sensuality and love

A yonimassage/healing is a healing holistic massage that massages the entire body including the yoni..


The yonimassage/healing helps you become more familiar with your own sexuality. This gives you more insight into your needs and desires about your femininity. This will make you more aware of what you need, enabling you to communicate your wishes more intensively and better. This yonimassage/healing gives you more self-awareness in which you get the space to enjoy your own sexuality and express it so that you can experience your womanhood with joy.


In a guaranteed, respectful and safe atmosphere, in which what you need is the starting point, you can feed yourself, relax, unwind with yourself.


After an intuitive tantra massage and/or Kashmir massage, in which I lovingly honour and cherish your body, I guide you with respect to your feminine sexuality, your yoni – Sanskrit for internal and external genitals.


My concern is that you can discover your sexuality in an accepting way without expectation and pressure to accomplish something or the need to live up to a certain goal, so that your sexual life energy can flow freely and you can experience yourself as one orgasmic whole.


Creating space as a good base where I invite you to release old ballast and re-open yourself for an unknown sense of joy and enjoyment so far unknown. Rediscovering the beauty, intensity and love of your female sexuality, which can create trust and healing.


After the session, you have enough time for an afterglow to cherish and integrate this intense experience.


This specific yonimassage/healing is only available in combination with the intuitive tantra massage for women.


Central is to experiencing deeper energetic connection rather than an erotic experience.

Massage € 280,-
Deepening healing, including authentic tantra massage – 2.5 / 3 hours.

Any extension of a treatment is always possible / negotiable.


* All prices are including VAT.

* We have a shower available.