The massage of the entire pelvic floor is the source of deep joy and intense sensations. This massage is also known as Sacred Point massage for men. The relaxation that occurs during an extensive and loving pelvic floor massage/healing brings you in contact with yourself; it opens your heart and connects you to yourself and the world. Deep intense sensations can be experienced.


Men are surprised by how much intense sensations they can feel during a pelvic floor massage/heling. You experience a strong urge for this extraordinary depth during which you may surrender completely to the experience.


Pelvic floor massage/healing and tangibility

A pelvic floor massage/healing has a direct effect on the nature of every human being. On physical level we cannot go deeper. We would do well to consider the pelvic floor massage/healing as the opening and entering of the sacred temple of every human being. The opening of this channel is a slow and respectful process. You will feel unconditionally accepted as a man.


Acceptance and desire

No other part of our body is so cursed with prejudices. A lot of people let this area never be handled, because this area almost obviously leads to feelings of disgust, taboo, shame and impurity.


This social morality means that we clench this area. It hardens our energy flow, which prevents our live-energy from flowing sufficiently.


If you learn to accept the pelvic area again, step by step, you will feel and understand that this is an important part of our longing and the pelvic floor muscles can relax again. This allows your sexual live energy to be awakened and to experience more pleasure in this area, so healing can occur.


Therefore, it makes sense to remove this area from the dark shadows of oppression and to learn accepting it again.


Thanks to my extensive experience, I can carefully and expertly guide you during this journey.


This specific pelvic floor massage/healing can only be received in combination with the extensive tantric massage for men.


Kashmir massage: 2 hours € 195,–

* Alle rates include V.A.T.
* There is an opportunity to shower.