Tantra massage for woman and man. A loving gift to yourself!


Welcome & attunement

For this pure authentic tantra massage, we welcome each other in peace in an attractive atmosphere while enjoying a drink or a cup of tea. After this, we start the session with a greeting ritual so that we can tune in and connect energetically.


Nurturing and warm – vital life energy

You can lay down on a soft, wide and comfortable futon where you can relax. Enjoying warm oil you can cherish every spot of your whole body with my honorable stroking soft hands. With long, tender and alternating energetic movements, I awaken your sensuality and life energy in a playful way. These sensual touches let your Kundalini energy flow, where you will experience waves of energy and you will experience your whole body as one.


Surrender – wholeness

From this relaxation, enjoyment and surrender to the moment, a deep sense of wholeness, of being nourished and energetically charged, arises, a feeling of being allowed to be there with everything there is. An experience that you will carry with you for a long time after this session.


A loving gift to yourself

You will receive this titillating tantra massage in a relaxed accepting atmosphere in a beautiful ambience. After the session you have enough time for an afterglow to nurture and integrate this intense experience.

The central focus is on experiencing a deeper energetic connection, creating a deep state of relaxation and becoming familiar with physical contact instead of an erotic experience.


Extending your experience

This authentic tantra massage can be combined with an in-depth Yoni-, Lingam– or a Sacred Point massage.

This authentic tantra massage can also be combined with healing sessions or guidance.


Authentic tantra massage

Women € 280
Authentic tantra massage 2.5 / 3 hours – if desired including a deepening Yoni massage

Men € 190
Authentic tantra massage 1.5 hours – if desired inclusief een verdiepende Lingam massage

Men € 240
Authentic tantra massage 2 hours – if desired inclusief een verdiepende Lingam massage

Men + sacred point € 275
Authentic tantra massage including sacred point massage – 2 hours (2.5 hours €325)

Any extension of a treatment is always possible / negotiable.

* All prices are including VAT.

* We have a shower available.

Safe atmosphere with respect and trust

Naturally, I create a safe atmosphere in which respect, trust and acceptance go together. Here you feel safe and can relax. You can embrace yourself from trust and surrender to what is. There is always enough time and space for extra integration by being in silence, or if desired in the form of a sharing/after-talk.


The focus is on experiencing a deeper energetic connection instead of an erotic experience.

Feeling is healing.