Information about the sessions and massages

In order to ensure the intensity and transformational power of the session, the sessions are planned in such a way that there is ample time and space for relaxation in order for the released life energy to expand and the healing quality can unfolds.


There is always enough time to integrate the session. We therefore encourage you to schedule and request a session well in advance, as it is usually not possible to receive a session on short notice.


Sessions with me can only be requested from me by phone call. While I’m giving a session, I cannot answer your phone call, so please do not hesitate to leave me a voicemail or send me a text message. I will contact you as soon as possible. Requests for a session are always answered within 24 hours. Of course, your information is kept strictly confidential.


Once the appointment has been made, you will receive the practical information.


Before booking to receive a Kashmir massage and/or an Intuitive tantra massage, we kindly ask you to read the “FAQ” below.




Question: What is an authentic tantra massage?

Answer: An authentic tantra massage helps you connect with the healing regulatory power of your life energy, also known as sexual energy.

During an authentic tantra massage, we release this powerful healing energy. Without indicating a direction or something to work, so that this nutritional energy heals and activates the entire body.

The loving hugs and intentional touch give an experience of intense connectivity, deep intimacy and wholeness, all that what stimulates the self-regulating ability of our body.


Question: What’s the difference between an authentic tantra massage and an erotic massage?

Answer: An erotic massage contains sexual acts and is usually targeted towards a goal. An erotic massage goes from reaching a state of excitement to a climax, a so-called happy end.
However, during an authentic tantra massage the touch is intentional and therefore not aimed at a discharge. We release the life energy, so that it can flow in its natural spontaneity. In which the body is experienced as one whole orgasmic entity. An experience of liberation, ecstasy, healing and surrender. Surrender helps the recipient to experience his or her own experience as an inner journey.


Question: Is there any nudity during the session?

Answer: We see nudity as something natural, but not as something imposed. It is important to us that you feel safe and secure, so that relaxation can occur.
Both the authentic tantra massage and the Kashmir massage invite to being naked, but do not serve an erotic purpose for any stimulation and / or sexual acts.


With love,