kashmirische-massage-amsterdam-healing-sessies-tijger-ontwaaktIf there is a desire and need for deepening and healing with regard to specific topics that are current, and are in need of specific guidance, the possibility of individual guidance excists. During this session, you are invited to enter into a depth of mind in a safe, respectful setting through accompanying talks, possible inquiry techniques and/or meditations.


This allows you to gain more insight and clarification about what prevents/restricts you to be in freedom. As a recognized SE trauma healer, I offer the possibility, if so desired, of working with trauma-related symptoms/complaints by means of Somatic Experiencing trauma healing.


How does Somatic Experiencing work®?

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a powerful tool for the prevention and healing of trauma. Healing of trauma is a natural process that can be initiated by an inner consciousness of the body. Years of psychotherapeutic treatments, repeated reactivation of memories or erasing thereof from the unconscious is not necessary to achieve this. By using our own resources, through grounding and awareness of physical sensations, feelings, thoughts or images, we can resolve the trauma.


Somatic Experiencing specifically targets the safe release of this accumulated energy in the body. Thus, post-traumatic conditions are overcome and the life-related energy is released. This enables to experience the life force again. The own life is gaining trust, lightness and stability. Internal safety is regained. Access to own resources becomes possible again and gets solid foothold.


Experience self-regulation

SE helps to develop the organically required capacity for self-regulation. The observation of physical sensations is used to help people face their traumatic experiences and heal them. This leads to a so-called “renegotiation” of experience, without the need for catharsis. A re-traumatization by repetition of experience is prevented.


Even when symptoms of trauma are present, the client does not have to remind himself of the content of the trauma to work with this method.


Healing session – 1 to 1.5 hours: € 90, –