Lingammassage/healing – experience the power of male sexuality

Lingammassage/healing is a massage that helps you accept yourself and your own masculinity and to learn consciously about sexual life energy. It offers new ways to explore and to re-discover the potential of the genitals.


During this lingamassage/healing session, I will massage your lingam – Sanskrit for the male genitals – with respect. This can awaken the fire in your pelvis and so you can fully experience the power of this fire, your male potential. As a starting point to distribute, this released vital healing energy throughout the body. This offerss you the opportunity to experience your body as one orgasmic whole, often experiencing feelings of bliss, ecstasy and wholeness.


This massage meeting too involves receiving what is provided to you. You may receive this without the goal or expectation of having to achieve anything, the need to be someone, you can experience your male potential in all its strength and fullness. Thus developing and increasing the ability to truly love . The feeling of space, lightness and freedom will be part of this experience.


“Nothing to do, nowhere to go, no one to be”


A man who knows himself and his lingam can express his masculinity and at the same time be present with his feminine receptive side. This creates a sense of true satisfaction and an experience of wholeness. Coming home to yourself with everything there is.


After the session, you have enough time for an afterglow in order to cherish and integrate this intense experience.


This specific lingammassage/healing is only available in combination with the intuitive tantra massage for men.


If so desired, this specific lingammassage/healing can be combined with an extensive pelvic floor massage. This can lead to more deepening and perception of your own sexuality.

Lingam healing (1.5 hours) € 190
Deepening healing, including authentic tantra massage.

Lingam healing (2 hours) € 240
Deepening healing, including authentic tantra massage.

Lingam healing (2.5 hours) € 300
Deepening healing, including authentic tantra massage.

Any extension of a treatment is always possible / negotiable.

* Alle rates include V.A.T.
* There is an opportunity to shower.